Top 10: AskMen’s most desirable women of 2012 [SLIDESHOW]

Alex Myers Contributor
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AskMen released it’s “Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2012” on Tuesday and website editor James Bassil says it’s not just made up of gorgeous models.

According to CNN, AskMen.com asked readers to decide whether they would date each of the women — based on factors other than their physical beauty.

“Looks are obviously a big one for guys — there’s no question about that — but other factors are where a woman is in life, the kind of career she’s in and the success or ambition that reflects,” Bassil said. “Sincerity and loyalty, all of those values that guys appreciate. We ask them to try to really assess the candidates as prospective girlfriends and rank them according to that. That’s what really distinguishes the list from a straight-up ‘hot women list.'”

The number one slot went to “Modern Family’s” Sofia Vergara — at a record 39 years old. Bassil said she is the “most senior” woman to ever occupy the top spot.

Check out the top 10 Most Desirable Women:

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