Women abandon Gingrich this time, by 22-point margin

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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s lady luck has run out in Florida, according to exit polls.

Gingrich, who won the women’s vote in South Carolina earlier this month, lost the female vote Tuesday night to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney by a 22 percentage point margin. Romney also won men, but by a much smaller 5-point margin. (RELATED: Full coverage of the Florida primary)

According to exit polls by Fox News, females accounted for 49 percent of the vote, males made up 51 percent.

Among women, Texas Rep. Ron Paul won six percent, Gingrich won 29 percent, Romney won 51 percent and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum 13 percent.

Among men, Paul won 9 percent, Gingrich won 36 percent, Romney won 41 percent, and Santorum received 12 percent of the vote.

Married women, who made up 33 percent of the electorate, also came out in droves for Romney. Among married women, six percent voted for Paul, 28 percent came out for the thrice-married Gingrich, 51 percent voted Romney and Santorum got 13 percent.

Married men, 40 percent of voters, were more evenly dived between Romney and Gingrich. Nine percent voted Paul, Gingrich got 35 percent, Romney won 37 percent and Santorum pulled in 14 percent.

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