WorldNetDaily’s Farah: Rubio ineligible for VP slot, not a ‘natural-born citizen’ [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Tonight on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Joseph Farah alleged that Florida senator Marco Rubio is ineligible to serve as vice president, saying he’s “not a natural-born citizen. We’ve been through this with Obama now for four years.”

Farah, the editor of WorldNetDaily.com, drove much of the controversy over President Barack Obama‘s birth certificate, claiming the president also was ineligible to serve because of where he was born.

He speculated that former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum hasn’t been more aggressive in taking on Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney because he is angling to be Romney’s running mate.

“I think Santorum is doing one of two things,” Farah said. “He is either trying to position himself as, ‘Hey, there is no mud on me and I’m a bona fide conservative’ and that is going to propel him in the race. Or, the other thing that crossed my mind — he was really talking about Newt criticizing Romney — the thought occurred to me, is he trying to position for a vice presidential candidacy there?”

Host Sean Hannity said Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is more likely to share the ticket if Romney wins the GOP nomination. But Farah declared that Rubio would not be eligible.

HANNITY: I think that’s taken. It’s got to be Rubio. That’s my guess.
BOB BECKEL:  If it’s not, somebody’s lost their mind.
FARAH: Rubio is not eligible.
HANNITY: Whoa, what do you mean, ‘Rubio’s not —
FARAH: He’ll lose 10 percent of the Republican vote because he is not a natural-born citizen. We’ve been through this with Obama now for four years.
HANNITY: I don’t believe that. I don’t think that’s going to work.

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