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Current TV realizes that Keith Olbermann’s appeal is becoming more selective

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This is a couple of days old, so it’s fitting that it took me until today to notice. TV Newser:

There’s a full page ad for CurrentTV on B5 of the Business section of today’s New York Times. It’s what’s missing that interesting.

While the ad features pictures of hosts Cenk Uygur and Jennifer Granholm, there’s no image of Keith Olbermann, whose show “Countdown” is the network’s longest-running — since June — and most-watched live talk show since the network reinvented itself last year. Olbermann’s name, however, is at the top of the bill, at the bottom of the ad.

This is a bold new advertising strategy on the part of Current TV. How do you get people to watch your struggling cable channel? Remind them as little as possible that you hired Keith Olbermann.

(Hat tip: Verum Serum)