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Romney gets glitterbombed, because that’s what happens now

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As we all know, the best way to get somebody to see things your way is to throw stuff at him. Well, if he’s a Republican. It happened to Romney in Minnesota just a little while ago. This video doesn’t show the childish, throwing-things tantrum itself, but you can see Romney’s reaction to it:


Apparently, “Think” “Progress” is under the impression that this incident says something bad about Romney, as opposed to the oversized infant who was throwing stuff.

Isn’t it odd that gay-marriage opponent Barack Obama never gets glitterbombed? Of course, in part that’s because he’s protected by the Secret Service. Pretty soon Romney will have that protection too, so he won’t have to worry about angry gay people flinging art supplies at him because somebody on the Internet told them it was a good idea.

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Jim Treacher