Unspent tax dollars earmarked for congressional offices go into ‘black hole’ [VIDEO]

Michelle Fields Contributor
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A group of Republican freshman members of Congress have together accumulated more than $1.4 million in unused personal office funding, The Daily Caller has learned. But instead of those tax dollars going directly back to the U.S. Treasury, they’re going into what South Carolina Rep. Mick Mulvaney called a “black hole fund.”

The House freshmen had asked Speaker John Boehner to transfer their unused funds to the U.S. Treasury to help pay down the national debt. Asked where the money currently goes, Mulvaney explained that he “thought that that money automatically went back to the treasury and it does not happen that way.”

Unused Members Representational Allowance (MRA) funds are placed in a shared fund for two years before being transferred to the treasury.

“Its going into some black hole fund,” Mulvaney added, “and it might go to the Treasury ultimately … and it might not.”

Videography by Sarah Hofmann

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