Hungry for ‘The Hunger Games’? Game on!

Alex Myers Contributor
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If you’re mesmerized by the thought of a movie about death matches and American decline, you don’t have to be starving anymore. Facebook gamers can now play “The Hunger Games Adventure.”

Lionsgate, “The Hunger Games” movie production studio, has released a social media game based on the books and soon-to-be movie to get fans amped up, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

The game allows players to explore the fictional world of Panem where the book’s action takes place — a futuristic North America where players complete missions and interact with familiar characters from the book.

The movie doesn’t come out until mid-March, but the game is the first place fans can see the official map of Panem and its various districts.

Joe Drake, co-chief operating officer of Lionsgate, told THR: “What makes fans of ‘The Hunger Games’ so amazing is the level of personal investment they have in the characters and the story.”

Look out for “The Hunger Games” movie in theaters March 23.

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