Chris Matthews: ‘I speak for the media generally — left, right and center’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On MSNBC’s Saturday night coverage of the returns from the Nevada caucuses, “Hardball” host Chris Matthews made a proclamation — that he speaks on behalf of the media from all realms of the ideological spectrum and wanted to know from Newt Gingrich supporter Sue Lowden how Gingrich can maintain a high level of media exposure.

“Well you must know Sue, that here in the media, and I speak for the media generally — left, right and center, there is a tremendous interest in Newt Gingrich because he is the most lively candidate we’ve come across in years, perhaps more so than President Obama in terms of ideas, in terms of electricity as a candidate,” Matthews said. “Sometimes he says things that make people hold their mouth in a gasp almost. Other things he says occasionally brilliant things.’

“What does this have to do in terms of February keeping himself alive in the media, getting the free air time? There’s no debates except for one. How does he stay alive and do Newt stuff between now and March when he has a chance in the South and expects to do well?,” the TV host asked.

Lowden told Matthews she expected good things in the future for Gingrich with the southern swing, but offered no specifics on maintaining the former House speaker’s media exposure.

“Well, he has to look forward to March,” she said. “You know, when you look at March, what’s coming down the pike there is Georgia, Alabama, you have Tennessee, you have Oklahoma, and you have Texas with a lot of delegates coming out of Texas. Of course, Gov. Perry has already endorsed the speaker. So there is a lot of good news to look forward to.”

Lowden did suggest that Gingrich should be offered an invitation to appear on Matthews’ MSNBC program.

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