U.S. closes embassy as fighting rages in Syria

Pat McMahon Contributor
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(CNN) — Intense blasts echoed through the ravaged Syrian city of Homs on Monday after a weekend bloodbath ended in hundreds of deaths there, local activists said.

“It is horrible. Especially today, it is horrible,” said Abu Omar, a local activist who said the Syrian army was attacking without warning. “Usually they are using mortars. They are now using rockets in the sky. We can see them in the sky.”

At least 46 people were killed across Syria on Monday, including four children, the opposition Local Coordination Committees said. The deaths included 36 in Homs, four in Damascus suburbs, one in Damascus, two in Aleppo, and three in Idlib.

Syrian state-run TV said “armed terrorist groups” were attacking citizens and members of law enforcement in several cities, including Homs, Idlib, and the Damascus suburbs.

Syria stepped up its brutal crackdown after the U.N. Security Council failed Saturday to pass a resolution condemning the regime, activists said.

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