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Another dire measure of Gingrich’s chances: He doesn’t even rate a glitterbombing anymore

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Things were starting to look up for Newt, but now he’s back on a downslide and this next story is the clincher. Sure, petulant gay activists still throw fits during Gingrich events, but gone are the days of spectacle and glamour. This, from CBS News, is just tedious and cliche:

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – Newt Gingrich’s final event of the day on Monday was interrupted by two protestors who stood up and accused the former House speaker of discriminating against gays and lesbians.

“Hey Newt, why do you support discrimination against gays and lesbians all the time? Serial hypocrisy!” a young man yelled at Gingrich, interrupting his 40-minute speech. After he was pushed out of the room by what appeared to be a supporter, a second young man took up the charge in the back of the room, chanting, “No hate in our state, why do you discriminate?”

As the crowd began chanting Gingrich’s name, a woman approached the second protestor and grabbed his wrists. Before a fight could break out, police escorted him from the room.

Gingrich was unruffled by the disruptions, saying he presumed most of the crowd supported him. “My guess is it’s 407 to three,” he said.

Leading questions? Yawn. Chanting? Bo-ring! These kids are just going through the motions. Clearly they don’t care about making their side look good and persuading people that their arguments are better, or it would look more like this:

Guess Newt’s no longer worth the effort. Or maybe they just didn’t have time to hit Jo-Ann’s or Michael’s on the way there.