Movieguide: ‘Conservative’ movies make more money than ‘liberal’ ones

Alex Myers Contributor
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Being a liberal or a conservative doesn’t only matter in politics — it matters in the box office, too. Movieguide, the Christian family guide to movies and entertainment, did a report showing that conservative movies make more money than liberal ones.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that the criteria Movieguide used to rate movies include whether a title promotes capitalism or socialism, or if it promotes or degrades biblical principles. Hot political issues, such as violence, feminism and homosexuality, are also considered.

Movieguide gave high scores to seven out of ten movies that were among the top ten films of 2011. This means they “qualify as films with strong or very strong Christian, biblical, moral, and redemptive content.”

There were 91 movies in 2011 that  scored high in “conservative/moral catagories,” Movieguide reported, compared to the 105 that scored high in “liberal/leftist catagories.”

The difference, though, is that the 91 movies scored conservative earned an average of $59 million each, while the 105 “liberal” movies earned an average of $11 million each.

“Patriotism and traditional values, like those displayed in ‘Thor,’ ‘The Artist,’ ‘Soul Surfer’ and ‘Hugo,’ are what moviegoers want,” Movieguide wrote.

Movieguide editor Ted Baehr wrote in the report, “Most moviegoers want good to conquer evil, truth to triumph over falsehood, justice to prevail over injustice and true beauty to overcome ugliness.”

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