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New Colony Media: Prepping Goes Mainstream, Listen In

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
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Hurricane coming? Wildfires on the way? Electricity out for a few days? Earthquake shaking things up in your neighborhood? What about a few feet of snow shutting down your town? Flu pandemics, dirty bombs, sheltering in place and bugging out were once topics for comedy skits but now most people realize that the government is not going to come and rescue you. It’s up to you to be prepared for the emergencies you face. Here is a new online radio format that might interest you. And…I’ll be the inaugural guest on the prepper show!

Thursday, February 9th New Colony Media launches its prepper show. In this episode your host Chris is a businessman turned prepper and he will discuss the process that he and many others have been through in order to become more self-sufficient as they prepare for the end of the world as we know it. With prepping becoming mainstream in 2011 prepping is no longer a figure it out for yourself lifestyle any longer. With the advent of many new resources you no longer have to feel alone. The inaugural guest is Mike Piccione the “Guns and Gear’ editor for the ‘Daily Caller” Mike founded the publication “Guns and Patriots” and is a former Marine and longtime prepper and outdoorsman. 

Here is how to find the show:

Time: 8:00 PM Eastern

What is New Colony Media?

We are writers, organizers, radio hosts, researchers, and leaders, all focused on restoring our country to its true majesty. Join us as we research our challenges, explore our assets and implement solutions for a tomorrow we can all be proud of. Mainly we are voices of patriots, any and all voices who care to be heard. Founded January 2012.

This is the weekly line up:

Monday night: Donna Gun Bettie! Go to the page shown below to learn her story!bio/vstc2=page-2

Tuesday night: Pro Active! (What groups all over the country are doing to fix the mess everyone else is just complaining about and many projects you can jump on board with and make a difference) with Amelia Foxwell

Wednesday night: The Police State (The good, the bad and the necessary change) with White Owl.

Thursday night: Prepare! From financials to food and medicine, with Wingman.

Friday night: David Schoenberg, Front Sight Instructor Weapons Training.

Saturday night: The Last Bastille Podcast: Understanding the nature of the situation we are all suffering under, and exploring the prospective remedies available for curing the body politic with Sleepy Salsa!!!

Sunday Evening: Sunday Service: Discussing the religious topics of the week, with a little “goin’ to meetin’ thrown in.” with Shawn Mead.

Listen or call in and share your ideas with us.


Mike Piccione

Editor, Guns & Gear for The Daily Caller