Actor Allen Covert would support a Palin presidential bid ‘without a doubt’

Michelle Fields Contributor
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Hollywood actor and producer Allen Covert told The Daily Caller that he would “without a doubt” support Sarah Palin if she was a candidate for president.

The actor, who is best known for his collaborations with Adam Sandler, said that he would “support whoever is running” as a Republican for president, but really would have loved to see Palin run. (RELATED: More interviews from CPAC)

“I actually knew who she was when John McCain picked her, and I was very happy about that,” said Covert. He recalled that his immediate reaction to McCain’s choice was: “Oh good, he’s listening to us.”

Covert was at the Conservative Political Action Conference promoting Cherry Tree, a digital media company that delivers patriotic and pro-American children’s entertainment. The digital books are aimed at providing children with morally instructive entertainment.

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