Eastwood rejects claim Super Bowl halftime ad had a political message

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On CNBC’s Thursday night broadcast of “The Kudlow Report,” a portion of an interview that “Squawk Box” co-host Becky Quick conducted with Clint Eastwood was aired, in which the Hollywood icon denied his Super Bowl “It’s halftime in America” commercial had a political message.

According to Eastwood, the ad meant to communicate that the country was “halfway” through a recession. The renowned actor said it was “disappointing” that the ad was interpreted to have a political message.

“The average man or woman on the street took it for exactly what it was — an esprit de corps message for America, and it’s like it’s halfway through the recession, let’s get, work our way out of it,” Eastwood said. “It doesn’t mean we’re — anybody’s endorsing or any particular products or any particular philosophy. I’m surprised that people that are supposed to be intelligent have interpreted otherwise, because it’s very disappointing when you see that, because the average person seems to get it.”

The rest of the interview is set to air Friday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

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