Rubio: Obama looks like a really good dad (and a really bad president)

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Prior to his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Sen. Marco Rubio sat down with a handful of conservative-leaning journalists and bloggers.

Rubio’s opening comments focused America’s unique role as a beacon of hope in the world, but during the Q&A session, he covered everything from ObamaCare to immigration.

In response to questions about the GOP’s position on immigration, Rubio stressed that the GOP is pro-immigrant and pro-legal immigration.

“Just because you do not agree with the left…does not make you anti-immigration,” he averred.

Rubio also voiced his concern about the Iranian regime’s push to go nuclear, saying: “These are not rational human beings who would be in charge of a nuclear stockpile.”

After Rubio said he believed President Obama’s eyes had been opened regarding just how hostile the Iranian regime is, I asked about his personal dealings with the president. Sen. Rubio lamented he doesn’t know the president. Rubio said they had only met two or three times, and had spoken once, over the phone. The personal meetings were brief and essentially amounted to shaking hands.

“I don’t know [Obama] at all,” he said. “He looks like a really good dad. And a really good husband. And a really bad president.”

Matt K. Lewis