Va. Senate candidate: Holder must resign [VIDEO]

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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During an interview at the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference, Virginia Republican Senate candidate Jamie Radtke told The Daily Caller that she thinks Attorney General Eric Holder should resign over the growing Operation Fast and Furious scandal.

Radtke, who is running against former U.S. Senator and former Virginia Gov. George Allen for the Republican Senate nomination, said she thinks it’s unacceptable that nobody has been held accountable so far for the flawed gunwalking program. The eventual GOP candidate will run against Democrat Tim Kaine, another former Virginia governor.

“I absolutely think Eric Holder needs to go,” Radtke said. “Somebody needs to be held accountable and I find it amazing that no matter how many times he comes before Congress no one has been held accountable for what took place.”

Radtke said the Obama administration’s clashes with Catholics over mandated contraception health-care benefits  mandates are “absolutely outrageous.”

Kaine is one of several high-profile Democrats who has fought against the Obama administration on this issue, and Radtke is surprised by her potential general election opponent’s sudden public candor.

“I think it’s interesting that Tim Kaine came out against it since he says he’s personally pro-life and politically pro-choice, or personally Catholic and he doesn’t allow it to get involved in his politics,” Radtke said. “He’s being a little inconsistent here, but I think that the administration has done is absolutely outrageous and it is a huge assault on First Amendment rights and religious freedom.”

Kaine once took a year off from Harvard Law School to work as a Catholic missionary with a Jesuit group in Honduras. (RELATED: More from CPAC)

Radtke said her U.S. Senate campaign is going well and that her team is in the “process of getting our name on the ballot and we’ve got hundreds of people all over the state. We raised about half a million dollars last year.”

“The major issue is spending, spending and the debt,” Radtke said of her focus with Virginia voters.

Videography by Sarah Muro

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