‘Occupy CPAC’ protesters have no idea what CPAC is [VIDEO]

Michelle Fields Contributor
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Protesters at the “Occupy CPAC” event, organized by the AFL-CIO and Occupy DC to target the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, were unaware of what they were protesting against Friday afternoon.

The Daily Caller spoke to several protesters outside of the conference venue and many said they had no idea what the Conservative Political Action Conference was, or what they were supposed to be opposing. (RELATED: Occupy CPAC protesters paid $60 for the day [VIDEO])

Several of the protest organizers were unhappy that reporters were trying to ask questions. They demanded that reporters “just film” the signs and protesters, but refrain from speaking to participants.

The event organizers were overheard frantically saying “we have a problem, we have a problem” after TheDC asked questions in Spanish, a language that they appeared to be unfamiliar with.

The protest organizers stopped as many interviews as they could, by interrupting conversations and walking in front of cameras.

Videography by Sarah Hofmann

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