Oliver North supports Newt, won’t ‘entertain the nightmare’ of an Obama re-election

Michelle Fields Contributor
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Retired U.S. Marine Corps officer Oliver North told The Daily Caller that he would like to see former House Speaker Newt Gingrich as commander in chief, saying that another four years of President Barack Obama would be “a nightmare.”

North told TheDC at the Conservative Political Action Conference that “two years ago, when [Gingrich] suggested he might run, he asked for my support. I pledged I would do it,” he said. (RELATED: More interviews from CPAC)

“It’s time for us to hire a commander in chief who doesn’t feel necessary to run around the world apologizing for America,” said North.

“I’m deeply concerned that if we don’t hire a new commander in chief… we can indeed end up in very, very serious jeopardy in this country,” he added.

Asked about the foreign policy implications of an Obama re-election, North said, “I don’t even want to entertain the nightmare.”

He noted that he “doesn’t have nightmares,” but said a second Obama term would “be a nightmare.”

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