Carville: GOP ‘like trying to feed a dog a pill’ — eventually they will take ‘the Romney pill’ [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter

On “Anderson Cooper 360” on CNN, former Clinton campaign manager James Carville elaborated on what has been a topsy-turvy battle for the Republican presidential nomination, especially for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

Anderson Cooper asked Carvile during Friday’s broadcast whether President Barack Obama’s decision to use a super PAC’s help in his re-election bid might be a problem if he has to face Romney in the general election. Carville responded by attacking Romney.

“It is hard to think of something that Mitt Romney has not changed his position on. He is a good family man. You can sure give him credit for that, and he’s certainly been loyal to his church. But look, that is something that is going to have to be aired out.”

Last week, Romney suffered somewhat of a setback when former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum swept three contests — the Minnesota and Colorado caucuses and the Missouri primary. But despite that, Carville doubts Romney will lose to Santorum or former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. He said eventually Romney will be accepted as the GOP nominee.

“Right now, Mitt Romney’s big problem is, is these conservatives just don’t much cotton to him,” Carville said. “And every time that he turns around, you see this, and then you look at what happened in South Carolina. You look what happened the other night.’

“Look, there’s no chance that Santorum or Gingrich are going to be the nominee, we all know that. … This is like trying to feed a dog a pill. The dog keeps spitting up the pill; eventually they are going to have have to take that Romney pill, but they will spit it up a few more times before they take it. That’s my analysis.”

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