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Glitterbomber goes after GOP candidate who DOESN’T have Secret Service protection

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Last week a Democratic Colorado state senate staffer named Peter Smith was arrested by the Secret Service for glitterbombing Romney. So now gay activists are turning their attention to candidates without such protection. WSJ’s Washington Wire reports:

TACOMA, Wash. — It was predictable that Rick Santorum — or any Republican presidential candidate — would be met with protests here Monday night as he spoke outdoors, down the street from an Occupy encampment and near the entrance to a public university.

Shortly after the former senator from Pennsylvania began addressing a receptive crowd, a group of young protesters in the front row began chanting slogans such as “go away” and “right-wing bigot,” a reference to Mr. Santorum’s opposition to gay marriage, one of them said afterward…

He added later, “I understand their frustration. For three years they haven’t been able to find work, they have a president that doesn’t care about them… Their president has left them behind, but we won’t.”

It did little to quell the protesters, and before it was over, at least two of them were dragged away by law enforcement officials. After Mr. Santorum finished speaking, another covered him in a blizzard of glitter, known as a “glitter bomb.”

See, Santorum should handle this issue like his fellow gay-marriage opponent Barack Obama. He should tell the LGBT community that his opinion on gay marriage is still “evolving.” Keep stringing them along that way, never actually taking a stand one way or the other. Then angry children like these will convince themselves that he’s on their side but just can’t say so openly, and they won’t throw art supplies at him anymore.

Well, assuming he also becomes a Democrat.

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Jim Treacher