Laura Ingraham: ‘We need a Rick Santelli moment in the Republican Party’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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President Barack Obama has been on the trail promoting his budget proposal, offering remarks Monday and Tuesday on its merits. Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell denounced the proposal on the Senate floor Monday, calling it “a failure of leadership.”

But according to conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, McConnell’s remarks were not enough.  Ingraham said his reaction was devoid of passion, and that it was time for another “Rick Santelli moment,” referring to the CNBC personality’s call for pushback against Obama’s proposals early in his first term.  Santelli is considered by many to have inspired the tea party movement.

“We have got to be able to get some passion going,” Ingraham said. “I am searching for someone who does not flat line the entire country with your refutation of the president’s budget.  You know what we need? We need a Rick Santelli moment in the Republican Party. We need someone who can make the case against the Obama dependency game — trapping people into being dependent on the government.”

Ingraham said the budget was a piecemeal effort to appease certain constituencies and ignored pressing issues.

“Every senior citizen listening to this broadcast should know this: Here comes the rationing,” Ingraham said. “You want to know what this budget is all about? It is about one thing. It’s about getting this president reelected by playing into the hands of the unions, the students — trying to get them back with their tweets and their Facebooking for the president. It’s different bennies to different voting blocs. It’s a crazy quilt of spending and giveaways to his crazy constituents. That’s what it’s all about. It’s not a serious blueprint for anything except his re-election.”

And Ingraham said this was indicative of Obama’s presidential performance.

“This president has demonstrated he is an unserious man for a serious time,” she added.

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