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Richard Lugar tries to live down not living where he said he lived

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A little news from my hometown. For the last few weeks, Will Rahn has written about the fact that Richard Lugar has represented Indiana for 35 years, despite the fact that he hasn’t lived there since shortly after he was first elected in 1977. (Stories here, here, and here.) And now WRTV in Indianapolis is reporting:

Sen. Richard Lugar defended himself during an appearance in Indianapolis on Monday that came days after opponents claimed that he isn’t qualified to run for office because he doesn’t live in the state.

Lugar said two attorneys general have affirmed his position that the Indianapolis address on his Indiana driver’s license is valid, even though he sold that home in 1977.

Lugar said he and his wife sold their house in Indianapolis because the only way they could afford to keep the family together and be part of their sons’ school and after-school activities was to move to Washington, D.C. full time and buy a home there…

Lugar also owns a farmhouse where his son lives, but he said he will not take that as his official residence because it wouldn’t be accurate.

Lugar said he isn’t sure what address is on his Indiana driver’s license but presumes it was from the house he no longer owns.

So, okay… The Indiana farm he owns isn’t his legal residence, but the house he hasn’t owned and hasn’t lived in since Carter was president is? I guess this whole “legal residence” thing is more complicated than I thought. See, I was under the impression that your residence is the place where, more often than not, you sleep, eat, watch TV, and whatever else you gotta do. It’s the place you go when you’re not working, shopping, traveling, etc. But it turns out your legal residence is wherever you say it is, regardless of whether or not you actually live there. That is, as long as you have the power to get away with it.

But who cares? The only people who give a hoot are those nutty Tea Partiers. Nothing to worry about, Senator…

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