Matt Lewis

A chat with Ed Morrissey

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor

HotAir’s Ed Morrissey is one of the most respected and prominent conservative bloggers in America today. But his success as a political commentator was anything but predictable. During a recent conversation, Morrissey and I discussed the journey that led him here.

A middle-class kid from Southern California, after dropping out of college, Morrissey found himself driving a taxicab. Eventually, he landed a job as a tech writer in the defense industry. After that job was outsourced, however, he wound up managing the overnight shift for a home security call center — a job he grew to love.

It was while working at the call center, that Morrissey launched the now-defunct “Captain’s Quarter’s” blog. The early 2000’s were a time when blogs could catch fire, and his did. Soon, Morrissey was hired to work for Blog Talk Radio — helping develop their conservative podcast channel. But his big break probably came when he was scooped up by Michelle Malkin to write for

For those who lament the ubiquity of “inside the beltway” political viewpoints, Morrissey (who now resides in Minnesota) continues to be a breath of fresh (not hot) air.

During our conversation, Morrissey discussed his insane theory that Jim Croce is a better singer/songwriter than Cat Stevens, as well as his collaborative efforts (with Allahpundit and Tina Korbe) to make HotAir one of the most successful conservative blogs in America.

Listen to our full conversation here, or download the podcast on iTunes.