Ann Coulter to campaign for Democratic presidential candidate Randall Terry

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While conservative commentator Ann Coulter has been firmly in GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s corner during the primary season, the ardently pro-life pundit will also be speaking at a fundraising event for a candidate running in the Democratic presidential primary.

Randall Terry, a primary challenger to President Barack Obama, however, is not just any Democratic candidate. Terry, a pro-life activist, is running purely to raise awareness about abortion.

Coulter explained to The Daily Caller that her participation in the fundraising event is to show “solidarity with the pro-life movement.”

If Terry were somehow to beat Obama in the Democratic primary, she said, she “might be torn” between Romney and Terry in the general election.

Terry is best known for his graphic advertisements of aborted babies, and for accusing Christians who vote for Obama of “having blood on their hands” due to the president’s support for abortion rights.

Terry recently told the Tulsa World that his ads “are designed to suppress votes for Obama. They’re intended to cause nightmares.”

Federal Communications Commission rules allow the graphic ads to be shown on television.

“We are thrilled to have Miss Coulter’s formidable talents and skills give us a boost in our efforts in Oklahoma,” Terry explained in a statement. “I’m certain the evening will be inspirational and motivational.”

Terry is currently campaigning in Oklahoma, and recently purchased ad time for three commercials that focus on the Obama administration’s new contraception mandate.

He describes himself as an “extremist candidate,” and says that if he can attract just five or six percent of the vote in Oklahoma it will send a message to the Obama campaign.

It would show that “a sizable percentage of voters are willing to defect from a sitting president in their own party, because of his attacks on human life and religious liberty,” said Terry. “That would spell big trouble for the Obama camp in the swing states in the general election.”

Coulter will speak on March 3 at the Arrow Heights Baptist Church.

The Oklahoma Democratic primary will be held on March 6.

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