TheDC Morning: GOP primary debates, oh how we’ve missed thee

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer

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1.) GOP primary debates, oh how we’ve missed thee — We complained that there were too many of them and then they gave us the silent treatment for nearly a month. But Wednesday night, the GOP presidential primary debates return, at least for one night. TheDC’s Alexis Levinson lays out what’s at stake:

“Santorum is facing his first debate as a front-runner, and with that comes heightened scrutiny on the debate stage. Having gained in popularity, he now needs to prove that he can close the deal by demonstrating that he can handle the spotlight, and showing that he is actually electable.”

Tune in to see if it the candidates break out in fisticuffs as if it’s a South Korean parliamentary session at 8:00 p.m. ET on CNN.

2.) Alex Keaton Schriver courts the idiot  youth vote — College Republican National Committee Chairman Alex Schriver thinks the young are pretty darn smart. TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein (ME!) reports:

“’So there’s a myth that exists — there’s an adage out there that when you’re young if you vote conservative you don’t have a heart, if you’re old and you vote liberal you don’t have a brain,’ College Republican chieftain Alex Schriver told The Daily Caller sitting in a chair in his Capitol Hill office when asked why we should want young people to vote considering the young are often moronic … ‘They’re not idiots,’ Schriver protested, when TheDC pressed the point. ‘They’re educated voters.’”

Unfortunately, too much of their education was devoted to the science of hallucinogens. There’s a reason why Dennis Kucinich and Michael Moore support lowering the voting age — it’s because sixteen year-old know-nothings are the base for their childish, radically left-wing ideology.

3.) The government’s just swell, says NASCAR driver — We’ve entered bizarro-land. TheDC’s Michelle Fields reports:

“NASCAR driver Danica Patrick isn’t particularly concerned about the Obama administration’s dictate that religious employers provide health care plans that cover contraceptives. ‘I leave it up to the government to make good decisions for Americans,’ Patrick, a Roman Catholic, told The Daily Caller Tuesday when asked about the controversy.”

You can’t be a NASCAR driver and be a fan of big government. It’s just not allowed. That’s not the America we know and love. It’s like being the governor of Illinois and not being a criminal.

4.) Matt Labash’s voting primer — Because he’s a public educator and a humanitarian, TheDC’s Matt Labash provides us a lesson on voting fundamentals:

“It’s completely manageable to vote one-handed while your other hand is occupied, as most 2008 Obama voters can attest. Incidentally, remember to always bring antibacterial sanitizing wipes to the voting booth, since who knows what transpires behind the curtain between a man and his ‘conscience.'”

Words to live by. 

5.) Poll of the day — Insider Advantage Georgia GOP presidential primary poll: Newt Gingrich 26%, Mitt Romney 24%, Rick Santorum 23%, Ron Paul 12%. The primary occurs on March 6.

6.) BIRTHDAYS! — Father of the nation George Washington turns 280 (h/t Uncle Sam); NBA legend Julius “Dr. J” Erving turns 62; former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist turns 60; actress Drew Barrymore turns 37 (h/t E.T.).

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