Gas reaches $5 per gallon at one Washington, DC station [VIDEO]

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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WASHINGTON — As the national average price for a gallon of gas climbs past $3.58, one gas station in Washington, D.C. is charging drivers $5.00.

No owners or managers were available at the Exxon station at 2708 Virginia Avenue in Northwest D.C. when The Daily Caller arrived to ask about the $5.00 price.

“You have to ask the owner, you know, the company,” said one worker.

“It’s going to go up to 6 dollars soon, man,” another worker in the repair shop told TheDC.

A Maryland construction worker said he only pumped enough $5.00 gas to get to another area where fuel is cheaper.

“I didn’t fill up. I just got enough to go to the next gas station,” he said, “because, you know, it’s just too expensive. So you have to get what you can where you’re at until you make it to somewhere where you can get a decent price. That’s what I did.”

A federal government employee, however, filled up a vehicle with government license plates. He refused to go on camera.

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Nicholas Ballasy