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An evil banker left a 1% restaurant tip with “Get a real job” written on it, except it never happened

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I just explained the whole thing in the headline, if you have other things to do right now. But if you’ve got a minute, here’s an interesting look at how the media works these days. A dumb controversy was created out of nothing for political purposes and has now been revealed as a hoax.

A few days ago, HuffPo published this picture:

With this explanation:

A banker reportedly left a 1% tip in defiance of ‘the 99%’ at a Newport Beach restaurant the other week, according to his dining companion and underling who snapped a photo of the receipt and posted it to his blog, Future Ex Banker. (Update: the blog is now offline.)

In posting the photo, the employee gave some background on his boss and the receipt:

Mention the “99%” in my boss’ presence and feel his wrath. So proudly does he wear his 1% badge of honor that he tips exactly 1% every time he feels the server doesn’t sufficiently bow down to his Holiness. Oh, and he always makes sure to include a “tip” of his own.

The “tip” of his own in this case was to tell the server to “get a real job.” Pleasant.

It would be even less pleasant if it had actually happened, which it didn’t.

Don’t worry, though, libs. People with more money than you are still bad, as long as they also disagree with you politically. And it’s okay to lie if it backs up that fervent belief. Better luck next time!

(Hat tip: Hot Air)

P.S. Here’s the actual receipt.



And she’s got the ratings to match.

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