Farrakhan on a mission to ‘demonize and scapegoat’ Jews, says ADL

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Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan presented more theories from his ever-growing grab bag of conspiracies over the weekend.

On the Nation of Islam’s Saviours’ Day — a commemoration of the birth of founder Wallace Fard Muhammad — Farrakhan offered followers a four-hour rant that ran the gamut from frustrations with U.S. foreign policy to the 9/11 attacks and Jewish conspiracy theories to a contention that racial hatred would result in the assassination of President Barack Obama.

“I’m not anti-Semitic, I’m just telling the truth,” Farrakhan said, according to the Washington Post. “In 100 years, [the Jews] control movies, television, recording, publishing, commerce, radio, they own it all.”

The Anti-Defamation League on Tuesday denounced the address as “dripping with anti-Semitism and hatred.”

“Rather than laugh him off the stage, tens of thousands of supporters cheered him on and encouraged his anti-Semitism and bigotry. Not since Father Coughlin have we seen a religious figure so obsessed with anti-Semitism,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL national director. “In the past few years Farrakhan has turned his message and the mission of the Nation of Islam into a wide-ranging campaign to demonize and scapegoat Jews.”

The ADL noted selected portions of the speech that were especially egregious, including:

Listen good now, no matter what president Obama has said or done to show Israel his commitment, somehow or another he is failing on some aspect of they desire him to do. He is invaded into every country the neocons have told him to do. He went and got the stimulus plan to bail out Wall Street. There is nothing that he has not done for Israel but they are still not happy.

Some of these Zionists are trying to re-write the Koran. You didn’t hear me! And they got some Muslims going along with it!

Did you know that the Koran says that Jews are the most violent of people? I didn’t write it, but I’m living to see it.

The government of the United States has made an agreement with hell and a covenant with death. You have locked on to the Zionist control your government, your media, and you’re afraid to stand up because if you do they’ll tell you won’t be re-elected.

In addition to his unfavorable comments about the Jews and Israel, Farrakhan also reiterated his condemnation of the killing of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, claimed that “America is on her deathbed” due to debt, and said that a Muslim would be set up as a “patsy” to assassinate Obama.

“I believe they want a Muslim to kill President Obama,” he said, according to a report from The Chicago Tribune.

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