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Media Matters takes a page from the John Edwards playbook

No, I’m not accusing David Brock of having a secret love child. (Whatever he chooses to do with his own body is none of my business.) But MMFA is now playing the same non-denial denial game that Edwards played numerous times during the Rielle Hunter scandal. Here was one of the first instances, when he was asked to respond right after the National Enquirer caught him red-handed:

Edwards by krs601

“I don’t talk about these tabloids… they’re tabloid trash, full of lies.”

Notice he didn’t say the specific charge was a lie. He couldn’t very well say that, could he? A baby is as real as it gets. So he denied it without denying it.

I was reminded of that exchange when I read Vince Coglianese’s story this afternoon:

Media Matters for America officials resorted to name calling Monday as they again dismissed questions regarding revelations about their organization as reported by The Daily Caller.

“I generally make a policy not to respond to trolls, basically,” Media Matters Executive Vice-President Ari Rabin-Havt said, referring to TheDC, when asked about the group’s silence amid the continuing investigative series, “Inside Media Matters.”

“I’m not going to respond to an article that’s basically filled up with just crap,” Rabin-Havt continued. “There’s no point getting into a match back and forth with The Daily Caller, and that’s why we chose not to respond.”

Sound familiar?

I’ve asked this before and I’ll ask it again: If the mission of Media Matters is “correcting conservative misinformation,” and the Daily Caller is misinforming people about Media Matters, where’s MMFA’s correction?

Oh, and a quick note to MMFA’s Simon Maloy: You might want to read your company memos. No, on second thought, I’d prefer if you didn’t. It’s more fun this way. 😉

P.S. Still, this was better than their first (and until today, only) attempt at damage control a week ago: