Some ‘Kid Rock’ lyrics Mitt Romney probably hasn’t heard…

Matt K. Lewis | Senior Contributor

This may be the first post I’ve written that deserves it’s own “parental advisory” sticker. Mitt Romney’s new buddy is musician and rapper Kid Rock. “Born Free” is Romney’s official campaign theme song, and the rapper even appeared with Mitt at a rally last night.

It’s an odd pairing. As Yahoo! reported, “As Kid Rock belted out the lyrics to ‘Born Free,’ Romney and his wife Ann stood and listened, tapping their feet, clapping and whistling in support.”

But someone ought to read the lyrics of one of Kid Rock’s classics “WCSR” (featuring Snoop Dogg) to Mr. Romney. It’s a song he and Ann probably wouldn’t whistle or tap their feet in support to.

Here they are:

Kid Rock motherf_cker yo I ain’t no fag
F_ck b_tches dry, f_ck them on the rag
Tag their toes, check ’em off my list
Hoes get f_cked, they don’t get kissed
A simplistic pimp, gettin’ much respect
I’ll f_ck your mouth and leave your ass in debt
Jet set the country on your world purse
Just to show you how a real pimp works
Remove your shirt, show me them titties
I’ll drive my d_ck right through your twin cities
Around your bends, over your curves and ass
Park it in your mouth ’till I run out of gas

My guess is nobody on the Romney campaign has ever heard this song.

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