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In which Current TV’s David Shuster learns something most of us picked up in grade school

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Namely: Saying things that aren’t true is wrong.

Matthew Boyle has the details:

Conservative videographer James O’Keefe has filed a lawsuit against Al Gore’s Current TV and anchors Keith Olbermann and David Shuster, alleging they libeled him.

“Well, I welcome criticism and misguided hatred, but if you knowingly lie and call me a ‘felon’ or a ‘rapist’ or any other slanderous or libelous [attack], I will sue you,” O’Keefe told The Daily Caller.

During the Feb. 24 edition of Olbermann’s show “Countdown,” Shuster called O’Keefe a “convicted felon,” something that is not true. Shuster also said that there was a “rape allegation facing” O’Keefe, something that also isn’t true. That claim, according to O’Keefe’s lawsuit, was related to allegations political activist Nadia Naffe made against him last year. The transcript of Naffe’s court deposition attached to O’Keefe’s lawsuit, however, proves he was never alleged to have raped her. It also shows that a judge dismissed Naffe’s allegations that O’Keefe harassed her.

Kinda nitpicky, don’t you think? Felony, misdemeanor… Rape, not rape… How is a busy guy like David Shuster supposed to keep track of every tiny little detail?

Shuster seems to be taking it seriously:

It’s not the first time he’s “misspoken” about it. He’s been calling O’Keefe a “convicted felon” for years, no matter how many times he’s been corrected. No word yet if Shuster is going to make the same correction on the air, but let’s face it, more people will see it on Twitter.