Salon’s Joan Walsh experiments with anti-Mormon bigotry

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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New York Times columnist Charles Blow tried it last week and it failed miserably, using his Twitter feed as a platform to attack former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and having to apologize for the tweet later.

On Tuesday, following the results of the Michigan and Arizona primaries — both wins for Romney –MSNBC regular and Salon.com editor-at-large Joan Walsh took to Twitter to make some derogatory remarks about Romney.

“Romney’s saving the soul of America – so he doesn’t have to baptize us after we’re dead,” she tweeted.

Walsh doubled down on her sentiment later, after some backlash for those remarks.

I’m torn: I honor religious freedom. But Elie Wiesel asked Romney to ask his church to stop baptizing Jews incl Anne Frank and Daniel Pearl

Walsh later apologized.

The Mormon Church authorizes baptism ceremonies for the benefit of deceased Jews and followers of other faiths, as a method of giving them access to salvation. Church policy urges members to baptize their ancestors as well. In recent years, the murdered journalist Daniel Pearl and Mohandas Gandhi were both baptized posthumously.

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