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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: AlfonZo Rachel, entertainer and activist

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If you agree with AlfonZo Rachel, you are guaranteed to laugh at his commentaries on current events. And if you disagree, he will at least make you rethink your view.

The edgy Rachel is a new convert to conservatism and, as such, he is well aware of the left’s arguments. He now relishes taking them on in his creative videos on and in his new audio book “Weapons of A.S.S. Destruction.”

In an interview The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas, Rachel was intentionally placed next to Thomas Paine’s classic “Common Sense.” His common-sense take on the political scene is irreverent, entertaining and insightful.

Thomas caught up with AlfonZo while he was in Washington for the premier of the movie “Runaway Slave.” In the interview, AlfonZo discusses Black History Month, fairness, politics, culture and hypocrisy.

By popular demand, we have changed our format. Watch the full interview above or click a link below to fast-forward to a specific question.

How true does President Obama’s “fairness” argument sound to you?

What brought you from the political left to the political right?

Did President Obama get elected because America wanted socialism?

What is your take on Black History Month?

Which is more important — politics or culture?

What is the biggest threat from the Obama administration?

Help tea party activists understand the Occupy movement

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