Green Party asks Supreme Court to side with Republicans, strike down individual mandate

Steven Nelson Associate Editor
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The Green Party is demanding that the Supreme Court declare the individual mandate included in President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul unconstitutional.

In a Monday morning statement, the left-wing third party suggested that justices strike down the 2010 law’s requirement that Americans purchase health insurance.

The Supreme Court is poised to hear arguments on the law later this month after mixed rulings from lower courts on the mandate’s constitutionality. There are 28 state attorneys general suing the Obama administration to overturn the law.

But the Green Party hasn’t gone head over heels for firebrand Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli just yet. Instead, the party’s leaders view the demise of the mandate as a potential catalyst for single-payer health care.

Many progressive Democrats and Green Party supporters were disillusioned during the congressional health care debate because they had hoped a Medicare opt-in or “public option” would be included. Neither were given significant consideration after moderate Democrats objected.

“America needs real universal health care, not a direct public subsidy in the form of a health insurance mandate to sustain the private insurance industry,” said California congressional candidate Barry Hermanson, who is seeking election in a House district adjacent to Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s.

“Democrats pilfered the mandate idea from Republicans who introduced it in the 1990s, even though Republicans now oppose it,” added Carol Brouillet, another party member running for Congress in California.

“Democrats continue to defend the [health care law], including mandates, because they want a political victory for President Obama in this election year,” said Brouillet.

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