Imus attacks Limbaugh apology: ‘He’s an insincere pig, pill-popping pinhead’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his Monday show syndicated radio host Don Imus, whose show is also simulcasted on the Fox Business Network, attacked Rush Limbaugh over what he considers to be an insincere apology to Georgetown student Sandra Fluke.

Imus, who faced similar controversy back in 2007 for describing the Rutgers women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hoes,” said that Limbaugh’s apology left a lot to be desired.

“Here is the problem with all of this — it was a vile personal attack on this woman,” Imus said. “And it was sustained over, again, and it was Wednesday, come back and double down on Thursday and come back and double down on Friday and then issue a lame apology on your website in which you say, ‘I didn’t mean to personally attack her,’ when you did attack her. So, were it me and I ran a radio station or whatever, I’d make him go down there and apologize to her face-to-face. He owns a Gulfstream 4. Get on it, go to Washington, take her to lunch and say, ‘Look, I’m sorry I said this stuff and never do it again, period.’ Now, he’s an insincere pig, pill-popping pinhead.”

Imus added that Limbaugh’s unwillingness to meet Fluke showed a degree of cowardice.

“No, really, I mean, it’s disgraceful,” he said. “You’ve got to show some guts. He has no guts, you can’t say stuff, and I, look what I did and what I did was a lame attempt to be funny, and it was three words and I went and met with these people after I’d been — after I’d been fired. No, you’ve got to look them in the eye and got to show guts and he has no guts. He’s a punk. If he were on my radio station, he wouldn’t be on it. On that basis, not for what he said — the fact that he’s a coward. You can’t attack somebody like that, but vile anyway and then not show some guts. He’s got no guts.”

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