Ranking Lindsay Lohan’s SNL gig [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Lindsay Lohan’s self-proclaimed “comeback” after years of rehab, lesbianism, court appearances, and jail time began Saturday night when the sometime actress hosted Saturday Night Live for the fourth time.

Lohan hasn’t been on the big screen since “Machete” in 2010 and arguably has not had a major hit since 2004’s “Mean Girls.” The SNL stint was a rocky start for the former star’s comeback, and although the ratings for her SNL episode were the second highest this season, the laughs were lukewarm.

Here are the good, the mediocre and the ugly from Lohan’s SNL performance:

The Good

There were major laughs in the pre-taped segment, “Real Housewives of Disney.” The sketch poked fun of Bravo’s “Real Housewives” series with Disney princesses as the housewives. Lohan played Rapunzel, but the funniest part of the sketch was Kristen Wiig’s drunken Cinderella.

The Mediocre

Lohan gets points for her opening monologue, which centered around the fact that the SNL cast didn’t think she would be a reliable host given her torrid history. Several cast members came to check her pupils and body check her to make sure she had not stolen anything. She got a boost from special guests Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm, who was “on call” in case Lohan bombed (or was bombed, either way).

 The Ugly

“Scared Straight” is a recurring segment where Kenan Thompson and the host speak to a bunch of high school students about their experiences in jail. Again, Lohan gets points for making fun of herself, but the jokes were obnoxious and the segment fell flat.

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