Customs agents strip search ‘pregnant’ Nigerian woman, find $20,000 worth of heroin

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A Nigerian woman who claimed to be three months pregnant was discovered to be a drug mule smuggling $20,000 worth of heroin into the United States Wednesday, the New York Daily News reports.

Afolake Awoyemi, 42, looked nervous as she went through customs at Kennedy Airport and was selected for a random pat-down.

A complaint filed by Homeland Security special agent John Moloney said that after feeling a bulge in Awoyemi’s groin area, she was subjected to a partial strip-search.

The strip-search required the woman to drop trou. As she did so, pellets with brown powder began falling from her groin area. The fallen substance tested positive for heroin.

Awoyemi was then taken to a nearby medical facility where a pregnancy test came up negative.

An X-ray showed that in total Awoyemi had swallowed 25 pellets of heroin which is worth $20,000.

Typically, a drug swallower’s stomach will look bloated or pregnant because four pellets lines end-to-end are about the size of a hot dog.

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