Warren Buffett company: Please cut our taxes

InternAdmin Contributor

WASHINGTON — As the parties battle over taxes, the deficit and economic inequality, two arguments that have been marshaled to advocate for the Democratic position are that taxpayers should not be subsidizing private jet travel and that Warren Buffett’s tax bill is way too low — lower, Democrats and Buffett himself have repeatedly noted, than his secretary’s.

Buffett’s belabored secretary has become such a ubiquitous gambit in the tax debate that she was invited to attend the president’s State of the Union address as an honored guest. Buffett’s pleading with Congress to hike his tax rate has grown so incessant that Republicans routinely suggest the Omaha billionaire should simply, as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie put it, “write a check and shut up.”

But when a Buffett company had a chance to tackle both problems, it chose to do the opposite. And it spent handsomely on K Street to get it done.

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