Buchanan to GOP self-doubters: ‘Watch something besides my old network, MSNBC’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Monday’s “The Laura Ingraham Show,” former MSNBC contributor Pat Buchanan told the radio host why he thinks it’s too early for Republicans to give up on the presidential election.

Some conservative commentators, including The Washington Post’s George Will, have suggested that the presidential election is a lost cause for the GOP. Buchanan, however, pointed to polling data from The Washington Post showing vulnerabilities the GOP can exploit.

“You know Laura, this is one area where I’m a little more optimistic than, say, Brother George Will,” Buchanan said. “This thing can be won. Take a look at those polls in The Washington Post on Obama on gas prices, the deficit, the economy. This can be won. If all Republicans — if and when Romney advances on this nomination pull together, I think Obama is not invincible. I mean, we saw Reagan down 20 points. This election can be won.”

Buchanan said he anticipated Romney would ultimately be the nominee, but the process to get there has taken too long.

“Look, every time I see him he’s headed for the helicopter,” Buchanan said. “He’s campaign-in-chief. But again, I think people are going to get tired of this. And this thing is winnable. And I would tell folks, look you got to watch something besides my old network, MSNBC where you’ll just get downhearted. You know, check some of the other networks and check the papers and read.”

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