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Not All Occupiers rape yet another woman

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Remember this, just a month ago?

Wow, that guy sure was crazy. What was “Stop raping people!” all about? Sheesh. As Keith Olbermann and Markos Moulitsas can tell you, nobody in the Occupy movement has ever raped anybody. Well, if you don’t count all the rapes. Why, in Zuccotti Park alone, they even set up a specifically designated No-Rape Zone. Non-existent problem solved. How many No-Rape Zones do Tea Parties have? None, that’s how many. And that means they don’t care about rape.

Here’s the latest sexual assault at an Occupy camp, as reported by NBC Connecticut:

A member of the Occupy New Haven movement was raped in a tent at the Occupy camp late on Monday night or early Tuesday morning, police said…

Police responded to the camp at 3:25 p.m. The victim was brought to Yale-New Haven Hospital and police charged England Gamble, 53, of New Haven, with first-degree sexual assault and first-degree unlawful restraint…

Members of the Occupy movement said neither Gamble nor the victim are members of the movement…

The attack happened as the protesters were in a battle with the city about occupying the New Haven Green. The city had given the Occupiers a deadline of noon to remove their tents, but lawyers for the Occupy group took the case to federal court, seeking a court order [to] stop any eviction.

Remember: It’s not the Occupy movement’s fault for creating an unsafe environment for women. It’s your fault for noticing.

And of course the Occupiers deny that this has anything to do with them. It’s just another in a long line of completely unrelated incidents. Call it the No True Occupier fallacy. “No true Occupier would ever rape anybody…”

P.S. From last November 4: Joe Biden conspicuously silent on Occupier sex-crime spree. As you’re reading it, keep in mind that at that point, the Occupy movement had only been around for about 6 weeks.

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