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The Freedom Group: New CEO-Sportsman Leads Iconic American Brands

Michael Piccione Contributor
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Following the appointment of George Kollitides as CEO of Freedom Group last week, the firearms industry powerhouse is showing no signs of letting up. Rumors are flying about that Kollitides, a hardcore sportsmen and shooter with a strong business background, is bringing in a bevy of new hires — well-established professionals covering everything from manufacturing and quality control to customer service and social media.

“Freedom Group is building-up, and not just with new company acquisitions,” said one industry insider.” They’re stepping-up staffing in key areas, all with the best people. They’ve also begun exploring several long term projects bound to please firearm enthusiasts — be they hunters, sport shooters or collectors.”

No more details were available at this time, but indications are that under Kollitides, FGI is now full speed ahead.

So who is the Freedom Group? They are; Remington, Bushmaster, DPMS/Panther Arms, Marlin, H&R, Parker, Mountain Khakis, AAC, PARA USA, and Dakota – some of the most iconic brands we have in the USA. Cerberus Capital Management, a private equity investment firm, owns the Freedom Group.

I’ve shot these guns for years and I’m eager to see what lies ahead for these brands. Here is a bit of trivia; Remington Arms Company, Inc. is the oldest continuously operating manufacturer in North America.

On a side note: if one more person forwards me an email that this organization is really owned by George Soros I’m going to explode. No, George Soros has nothing to do with this group.