Alabama women’s groups protest Democratic Maher fundraiser

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Twenty-five conservative women’s groups in Alabama are calling on the Alabama Democratic Party to cancel comedian Bill Maher’s appearance at their upcoming fundraiser.

“The Alabama Democratic Party, hoping to cash in on Bill Maher’s recent generosity to the president, is jumping on the Bill Maher bandwagon,” Stephanie Holden Smith of the Alabama chapter of Concerned Women for America said. “Conservative women from Concerned Women for America, Tea Party groups, and Republican Women’s groups are uniting to call for the Alabama Democratic Party to cancel their upcoming fundraiser focused around Bill Maher’s appearance in Huntsville on March 17.”

The Alabama Federation of Republican Women, CWA and a slew of county and city Republican women’s groups have come together in an effort to push Maher, whom they believe to be misogynistic, out of the event for his “hateful rhetoric” against female conservatives.

Representatives from the groups will be protesting the event on the Alabama State House steps Thursday.

“The Democrat Party of Alabama is showing their true values and lack of a moral compass by promoting a man like Bill Maher,” Tricia Whatley of the Azalea City Republican Women told TheDC. “They speak of a factious war on women from the conservatives, but commission a man like that for a fundraiser. He is a confirmed bachelor that has been sued by past girl friends for racial and emotionally abusive remarks made during the relationship. He obviously doesn’t see a value in womankind. What kind of self loathing woman would pay to be a part of that oppressive environment in the name of fundraising?”

CWA launched a petition and web video earlier in the week urging President Barack Obama to return Maher’s $1 million contribution to his Super PAC. CWA has also created a website to reinforce their ends rejectmaher.com.

Their petition and calls for an end to Maher’s involvement in Democratic endeavors follows the President’s criticism of radio host Rush Limbaugh for derogatory comments he made about a 30-year-old Georgetown Law student

“President Obama’s words about public discourse are beginning to look like typical Washington hypocrisy, as he is criticizing Rush Limbaugh on the one hand and taking money from a vile misogynistic comedian on the other,” said Penny Nance, president and CEO of CWA. “Obama should demand that Priorities USA return the money immediately – or in the very least, quit sending White House staff out to fundraise for the group. Now that David Axelrod isn’t going to be on Maher’s show, will White House staff stop going to fundraisers for Maher’s group?”

Tickets for the Maher event, set to take place the evening of March 17th, cost $100.

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