Barack Obama vs. Elise Testone: Who’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’ version was better? [VIDEO]

Alex Myers Contributor
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America heard President Obama’s rendition of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” after he sang it at an event in Harlem this past January and last night we heard “American Idol” season 11 contestant Elise Testone’s version.

The show’s theme last night was songs from the contestant’s birth year. Testone’s is 1983, and although the original Al Green version of the song came out in the 70’s, Tina Turner remade it in the 80’s.

Guest “mentor” Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas wondered aloud how Testone and Obama’s version would sound together. Sadly for viewers, “Idol” then showed America what that would sound like.

In a video of Obama singing alongside a video of Testone,  the two sang the drawn out “I’m” individually, but then sing “I’m so in love with you” in unison.

Should the two hook up for a duet? Or is Elise’s version just that much better than Obama’s?



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