Federal Reserve joins Twitter, prompting 140-character insults

David Martosko Executive Editor
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The Federal Reserve must have finally sold off an ingot or two to buy a computer, judging from its shiny new Twitter account. Ben Bernanke’s fiscal playground collected about 12,750 followers in its first 24 hours online. Not exactly Ashton Kutcher numbers, but then most macroeconomists aren’t exactly what you’d call “joiners.”

While Twitter’s real-time feed of @FederalReserve mentions has its share of well-wishers and banana-republic panhandlers, it’s also chock full of jokes, snarks, and Ron Paul enthusiasts.

Here are ten of the best:

@agaiziunas: Oh great, @federalreserve has joined twitter; this time next year every tweet will only be worth half its original value due to inflation

@nycsouthpaw: Has anyone made a quantitative tweeting joke yet? @federalreserve

@dwangelo: @federalreserve please please please follow me. I use your money all the time!

@mamaswati: omg someone please tell me @federalreserve is a parody account for the love of all things funny.

@BradMaan: @federalreserve Im in 11th grade, why are are you punishing my generation’s future with your policies of greed and middle class destruction?

@davidjkramer: @federalreserve Since you guys just create money out of thin air, what really is the purpose of the IRS anyway?

@ManDayCeo: Dear @federalreserve : Thanks for the high gas prices and screwing us over and over again. #YourHooker #TheAmericanPeople

@Dave_Aiello: I wonder if @federalreserve created new money to purchase their twitter username from the previous owner #EndTheFed #soundmoney #RonPaul2012

@MattThorntonAZ: @federalreserve Ben, can I please borrow your printing press just for one night – I need a personal bailout. Thanks!

@The_Real_Kev: @federalreserve : can’t wait to see your 140-character farewell address!

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