Sen. Lugar ruled ineligible to vote in home state

Will Rahn Senior Editor
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An election board ruled Thursday that Indiana Sen. Dick Lugar, the longest serving Republican in the Senate, is no longer eligible to vote at the home he used to live in.

The Daily Caller first reported in January that Lugar has not lived in Indiana since 1977. Lugar and his wife have resided in the upscale Washington suburb of McLean, Virginia for the last three decades.

The Marion County Elections Board voted 2-1 that Lugar is no longer a resident and will not be allowed to vote there. The decision came in response to a complaint filed by fraud investigator and tea party activist Greg Wright, who has been trying to bring attention to Lugar’s residency for months. (SEE ALSO: Lugar tries to live down not living where he said he lived)

As of now, Lugar can no longer vote for himself in Marion County. He has until April 9 to register at a new address in Indiana.

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