March Madness: A perfect time for free pizza and vasectomies

Alex Myers Contributor
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March is the time for Madness, Saint Patty’s parades, beers, and … vasectomies? A Cape Cod urologist certainly thinks so.

Evan Cohen, a practice coordinator at the Urology Associates of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is offering free pizza to any male who comes to his clinic for the procedure.

“This gives them an excuse to sit down, watch the game, eat some pizza,” he told ABC News.

Most men, Cohen said, don’t want to recover from a vasectomy during the summer months, so many come in March. “We see about 100 consults in March, when we typically may only have 20 to 30 [in other months],” Cohen said.

A vasectomy, which serves as a permanent form of contraception, is a touchy topic, Cohen said, so “We’re trying to make it light so it’s easier to talk about.”

Until the NCAA finals on April 2, the patients will leave the clinic with instructions on recovery — which do not involve pizza — along with a coupon for Surfs Up Pizza & Seafood in Sandwich, MA.

Cohen said he isn’t sure whether the promotion will pay off, but either way, he’s rooting for Kentucky.

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