McCain: Syria will not be discussed at NATO Summit

Michelle Fields Contributor
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John McCain said that he suspects Syria will “not be on the agenda” at the upcoming North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) 2012 Chicago Summit. McCain’s remarks came at an event held by the Atlantic Council in Washington, D.C.

McCain told the audience on Tuesday that “it is now the policy of NATO that we will stand by as rulers kill their people by the thousands and our alliance won’t even discuss what we might do to help stop them.”

“All of you know what is unfolding in Syria: the more than 8 thousand lives that have been lost, the regime’s use of tanks and artillery to indiscriminately shell civilian populations, the detentions and tortures and rapes and murders. This is some of the worst state sponsored violence since the Balkans and yet the secretary general of NATO continues to insist publicly that NATO should play no role whatsoever in helping to stop the killing.”

Videography by Sarah Hofmann

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