‘The Hunger Games’ actress tells David Letterman that she’s a ‘troll’ [VIDEO]

Alex Myers Contributor
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On CBS’ “Late Night” Tuesday, “The Hunger Games” actress Jennifer Lawrence told viewers not to go see the movie because “she’s a troll.”

Lawrence, who plays Katniss Everdeen in the wildly popular book-turned-film, told host David Letterman she hates herself and looking in the mirror.

“I think the movie’s great,” she said, “but their biggest mistake is me.”

Letterman responded to Lawrence’s oddly self-deprecating joke by saying that, while he understood not wanting to look in the mirror, it’s only because he is genuinely “unpleasant looking,” while Lawrence is “a lovely woman and a fine actress.”

The actress also discussed the feeling she gets while on the red carpet. “It’s so scary. I get so nervous that I get really hyper,” she said, and then compared herself to an excited, peeing Chihuahua.

Set to be released on March 23, “The Hunger Games” broke the record for pre-sale tickets after excited fans purchased 2,000 showtimes in advance.

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