The best 10 books to be released this fall

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer

Here are the top 10 most anticipated books coming out this fall.

10.) “500 Years of Military History” by Joe Biden

9.)  “So Fast, So Furious, So Fabulous” by Eric Holder

8.) “The Moon at a Crossroads” by Newt Gingrich

7.) “Chris Hayes: Elusive Hero” by Tommy Christopher

6.) “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Writing Newsletters” by Ron Paul

5.) “The Bible II” by Barack Obama

4.) “7 Habits of Highly Unethical People” by Rod Blagojevich

3.) “Are You F’ing Kidding? The story of the 2012 Republican primary” by Ronald Reagan

2.) “The Alamo: A Coloring Book” by Rick Perry

1.) “When Advertisers Leave You: How to survive on just $50 million a year” by Rush Limbaugh

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