Gutfeld: So Media Matters wants a war, ‘why won’t the right give them one?’

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At the top of Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” co-host Greg Gutfeld opened the program with an assault on Media Matters and the organization’s campaign against conservative talker Rush Limbaugh, saying that their goal isn’t maintaining decency on the airwaves, but is instead to get a “scalp.”

“Alright, so Media Matters — that tree house of trolls who continue to disappoint their parents — are spending $100,000 on ads to unseat Rush Limbaugh,” Gutfeld said. “Remember, Rush doesn’t hold an office — he hosts a radio show. So it’s a campaign against someone simply because he hurts their feelings. Now, to parrot my acting coach, what’s the motivation? Is it really about decency? No, this is simply manufactured outrage masquerading as concern. Remember, Rush already apologized, but that didn’t matter because Media Matters really wants annihilation. After all, Rush excels at exposing tools like them. So they want his scalp.” (RELATED: Full coverage of Media Matters)

Gutfeld challenged the right to fight back harder against Media Matters and mocked the head of the organization to illustrate there is little reason to be timid in waging this fight.

“If they want a war, why won’t the right give them one? Why so timid all the time? If advertisers are bowing down to senior fellows toiling away in soiled underpants, shouldn’t Rush’s listeners fight back? I’d also say let’s make Media Matters’ life miserable but they’re already there. It’s got to be rough when your mom asks, ‘David, why don’t you get a job?’ And David says, ‘I work at Media Matters.’ And then mom quietly weeps.”

Gutfeld also took a swipe at the Los Angeles City Council for passing a resolution “calling on local TV and radio stations to limit any ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’ comments on their broadcasts.”

“But worse, the sparrow’s nest of chirping bird brains known as the L.A. City Council just passed a resolution urging the press to curb racist, sexist slurs. Well, why don’t they say what they really want to ban? Their parents. I haven’t seen such a pathetic bunch since the Academy Awards. Folks, we’ve got to wake up — the national debate is being steered by unelected group of operatives willing abetted by politicians who are supposed to raise our standard of living, but instead focus on raising awareness. I’d start a campaign to get them fired but I have a life.”

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